1. First Line Squad, you are three people playing Drum’n’Bass. How did you started with this project? Where did the idea came from?

Alex: First of al,l we are friends. Together we started to listen DNB and we always went together DNB party, now for 7 years. One day in the we met a store to test a new DJ equipment and while we were talking about DNB we decided to put our experience as musicians, producers, DJS and junglist in one whole project.

L.U.C.A.: It’s not a simple project, it’s a friendship! I know Leeyo since i was a kid and in the year 2005 we have met Alex at each DNB party or free party around Italy. I was already DJ/Producer under the name of Decepticons (with Neve), Alex was also a musician and producer. When Leeyo started DJing we have simply joined forces.

Leeyo: The project came out barely by coincidence. L.U.C.A was my roommate and I was using his DJ equipment. I had my approach to music and L.U.C.A. found again new musical entusiasm and inspiration. Then we met with our friend Alex and suddenly the project started with passion and energy.

2. What about the name, where did it come from? Whos idea it was? Does it mean anything?

FLS: The name means that when we don’t play at party, we are always in the first line in front of soundsystem, ejoying the loud basses, dancing and having fun.

3. How can you describe your music? What kind of style it is?

Alex: We could say, that we do only DNB … without other categorisation or boundaries, but at the moment our production and mixes are definetly Neurofunk and deep oriented.

L.U.C.A: Neurofunk, of course.

4. You all are also producers making Drum’n’Bass. We know you do it individualy, but do you have any tracks as First Line Squad?

Alex: We don’t have a specific way to work. Sometimes we work alone and we ask for feedbacks and support from others by writing it on the web. There are also times when someone starts with a project and the others finish it. We share our tricks and tips, plugins and tecniques in several endless chat sessions!

L.U.C.A.: Usually we work separately, but the feedback of other members is mandatory. Thank you
very much, internet!

Leeyo: At the moment i’m still learning the avdvanced production method, so i’m a kind of supervisor. I judge the tunes on the whole, comment on the structure, the sound and suggesting the switches and variations.

5. How do you put your ideas together to make a single?

Alex: We start deciding the mood of tunes, the types of samples and sound, but we prefer make music instead talk!! The inspiration comes only by working!

L.U.C.A: We gather together and something happens …

6. Where do you get your ideas / inspiration for your music?

Alex: By my mental illness.

L.U.C.A.: The creative process is mysterious… i make beats and bassline thinking at girls shaking ass and putting hands up in the front of soundsystem!

Leeyo: Listening to a lot of music, the ideas will just come out.

7. What Drum’n’Bass music means to you all?

Alex: The perfect DNB tune is that, when you are listening it and dancing it, it forces you to do angry expression with your face, raising your hand and screaming every drop and switch.

L.U.C.A.: Heavy drums + ultra basslines + party people = love at first sigh.

Leeyo: It is long long time that DNB is my life’s energy.

8. What can people in Slovenia expect from you on the dance floor? Any surprises in a making?

FLS: We hope to offer a good selection, that will make you dance and enjoy our passion on the mixer.
We have also a lot of dub plates of our friends and collaborators, which we like to mix with the hottest tunes of the moment.

9. Any messages for visitors here in Slovenia?

FLS: Prepare your bullet proof jackets!

Leeyo: I can do my best if i’m surrounded by a lot of pretty dancing girls.


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